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Destination X
22.March.2010                                                 source: wrestlezone

Amazing Red .vs. Brian Kendrick .vs. Kaz .vs. Daniels   in a ladder match
Amazing Red is out next to a good reaction from the crowd. Daniels is third, to a bit of a lukewarm reception, and finally Kaz is out to a warm welcome.   Things start off right away with Daniels jumping Kaz, but falling victim to a double team from Red and Kaz. Red hits a baseball slide on Kendrick to the outside, and Kaz sends Daniels over the ropes with a clothesline. Red is back in the ring, and he jumps outside with a corkscrew plancha to take out Daniels and Kaz. Kendrick runs and grabs a ladder, bringing it into the ring under the contract, but Kaz breaks it up. Daniels tries for the contract, but Red brings him down and goes for it himself. Daniels brings Red down, only to end up being beaton on, and having the ladder dropkicked in his face by Red. Red and Kendrick both try to go for the contract at the same time, but both men end up falling off the ladder and into the corner, where Kendrick hits a stiff kick to Red's face.
Kendrick brings Kaz into the ring with a slingshot that puts him right on the ladder. Kendrick turns his attention to Daniels, but he walks into an STO from Daniels. Daniels puts the ladder around his neck and he twirls, taking out everyone in his path. Daniels is sent to the outside and Kendrick and Red square off for a bit, with Kendrick sending Red to the outside. Kendrick props a ladder up between the ring apron and the barricade, but it backfires when Kaz hits a front suplex onto the ladder on Kendrick. Kaz goes up to the apron, but Daniels drags his neck across the rope and Kaz falls back on the ladder. Daniels hits a split leg moonsault to the outside on top of Kaz who is still on the ladder...........
4/05 - iMPACT! Orlando
4/06 - iMPACT! Orlando
4/08 - Corbin, KY
4/09 - Pikeville, KY
4/10 - Huntington, WV
4/16 - Independence, MO
4/18 - St Louis, MO
4/19 - iMPACT! Orlando
4/20 - iMPACT! Orlando
4/22 - Macon, GA
4/23 - Albany, GA
4/30 - Vicksburg, MS

5/01 - Greenwood, MS
5/03 - iMPACT! Orlando
5/04 - iMPACT! Orlando
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New Daniels Interview
20.March.2010                                                     source: fanhouse
TNA Wrestling star Daniels is just a few years shy of two decades of ring experience, but don't expect him to hang up his boots anytime soon. In fact, the 38-year-old veteran will be wrestling in a four-way ladder match on Sunday night's "Destination X" pay-per-view to determine the No. 1 contender for the X Division Championship.

In an exclusive interview with FanHouse, Daniels reflected on his impressive career, the future of TNA's distinctive X Division, and a jaw-dropping match where fans actually chanted "Please don't die." He also discussed how he's been able to stay active all these years and what it's like to go head-to-head with WWE.
US Date:
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Sunday 18 April 2010
You started in, what, 1993? So did you ever think you'd still be doing this 17 years later?
8:00pm   Eastern
Wednesday 21 April 2010
Well, it's weird. It's funny that I never really look at myself as that much of a veteran, do you know what I mean? I still feel like I'm a guy that's trying to make that break on to the top levels. So I never look at myself as somebody who's made it, or somebody that's achieved all he wants to achieve. I still kind of look at myself as a young lion, which is kind of ridiculous, but that's how I feel about my career in terms of still trying to learn stuff and get better and keep trying to achieve. So I never really thought about the longevity of it until maybe like a year or two ago, and now I'm looking at my career in terms of, like my next big goal is to make it to 20 years.......
No Match Yet

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Daniels involved in WWE Firing
16.March.2010                                                       source: tnanews
Though it has not been confirmed, the feeling among several WWE sources is that Gregory Helms sealed his fate with the company when he was arrested for public intoxication in Kentucky in late January. He was brought back to television shortly after the incident, but was the victim of a beatdown angle and never appeared in a WWE ring again.

"He gave them an excuse," said one insider with knowledge of the situation.

Helms developed a reputation as a party guy within the company by posting notes on Twitter about drinking contests and parties he took part in. Though it initially seemed harmless, a few eyebrows were raised when he posted a message regarding a drinking contest that he and Christopher Daniels were having last August, which was proceeded by the TNA star being arrested on charges of driving under the influence just miles from Helms' North Carolina residence.
26 May 2009
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March 15, iMPACT Results
16.March.2010                                                           source: TNA
The Ultimate X structure has been set up. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are in the ring. Sabin says that their match wit Generation Me will be a night to remember. Sabin mentions that the winners are number one contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Championships. Sabin believes the pay per view will witness the rise of the Motor City Machine Guns. Sabin asks Generation Me what they are thinking trying to compete with them. Sabin wants to know what have Generation Me has ever gotten to earn this shot. Generation Me make their way down to the ring. Max reminds Sabin and Shelley that they beat them a couple of months ago. Shelley remembers that night and says that luck is always involved. Shelley says they are good, but not great. They are great, according to Shelley. MCMG are the Xbox to their Atari. Shelley makes it personal by mentioning Generation Me�s girlfriends. They brawl at this point with Brian Kendrick running down. Amazing Red runs down and takes Kendrick down with a cross body. Daniels runs down as well and takes Red down with a STO. Kazarian runs down with a ladder and throws the ladder right at Daniels! Kazarian is beaten down until Generation Me send the Guns to the floor and send them into the structure. Generation Me leap off the structure onto the Guns on the floor! Red and Kazarian work on Daniels and Kendrick. Red climbs up the ladder and takes Daniels, Sabin and Kendrick out with a somersault dive off the top of the ladder! Kazarian, Generation Me and Amazing Red stand tall in the ring.